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Zone Alarm (True Vector?) Random Shut Down

Steven I have Zone Alarm, vsmon.exe is not dangerous but it uses a lot of ram and cpu!! trent Zone Alarm file - When i try to download stuff etc it goes mad and takes up all my CPU time and i have to reset my computer. TechSpot is a registered trademark. Manually running the 2 searches seems to be less taxing on my cpu then the automatic one. http://popupjammer.com/zone-alarm/zone-alarm-pop-up-true-vector-has-shut-down.html

SlyFox tnmatsJanuary 1st, 2007, 04:59 AM

Drive-By wrote: Same here. steve Zone Alarm True Vektor Monitor See also: Link Funonline Associated with ZoneAlarm personal firewall. MSN file transfer is okay, but very slow. Jaakko *** It is a Zone Labs (Zone Alarm) file.

bastantey Zone Alram's IMON checking file Xeby its the biggest process ever omg it takes me 50.000 kb wtf cmon Alex If you have zonealarm installed then this is the internet My system is the following: Athlon XP 2500+ running at 3000+ (and yes I have adequate cooling) Gigabyte GA-7VAX Mobo 1GB Geil Golden Dragon PC3500 CAS 2-6-3-3 RAM HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 The 6.1.744.001 never gave a lick of problem, except for squirrelly start-up with the anti-spyware module loaded (I disabled it). Same program on my work-PC runs just fine.

Sircolin A ZoneAlarm trueVector service. learn to configure before complaining mellamoandy It watches for internet port access to your pc and blocks malicious scanning attempts. It was fine with zonealarm but slows computer with CA SkyBlueBoy Shutdown zone alarm when installing files - freezes computer when trying to install america's army - slow down all zip It looks like it's part of the AV Engine.

Aethereal zonealarm pro 3.7 installed this file. Takes 24+hours to become a problme Bearinc I do not know what it is for but vsmon.exe just eat up all my memory (Win XP). Maybe the bad memory on the video card is trying to write to the read only driver file? Badfellah While this element of ZoneAlarm is crucial to your internet security, it indeed does consume much cpu 'bandwidth' and can noticably slow down your computer.

I dont have zone alarm on my computer! this shit sux. You are not going to be able to load the OS if your video card is bad. Scr34m3r Zone Alarm file, I dont get this eat's up CPU/ SYSTEM RESOURCE, this must be running a very old spec as i use zone alarm over a number of pc's

yes, it takes up memory with the time running... Andy Show all user comments Summary: Average user rating of vsdatant.sys: based on 77 votes with 68 user comments. 20users think vsdatant.sys is essential for Windows or an installed application. DO NOT REMOVE! I tried to reinstall a couple of times.

What I want to know is why the genuine one keeps grabbing more and more and more memory until a reboot is needed. navigate here will cause it to be very unhappy with you. Seriously, when I had my memory problem, it was test #4 of 6 that my system failed. VERY hard to get rid of, might as well just reformat the whole hard drive and do a clean install, or spend almost just as mu An error (403 Forbidden) has

Click here to become a Hardware Analysis registered user. So it slowed down my PC to intolerable limits. Can't recall the entire thing but there was absolutely no mention of a specific file the two times I let it do it. http://popupjammer.com/zone-alarm/zone-alarm-5-0.html TTT Essential part of Zone Alarm, but it always takes lots of CPU, without your knowledge.

Win32k.sys and ati2dvag.dll are both graphics related. If I transfer a file using Yahoo CPU time goes up to 98 and ram goes to 56MB. Uses Increased RAM when running Virus Scan.

This is probobly what accounts for a majority of the 'slowing down' factor that many people have witnessed.

See also: Link Ogai Vsmon appears to be the most active process, and latest version seems to have memory leak. Seems to have gone down hill, and fast. Both your error messages point to memory problems, but at the same time are pointing to different kinds of errors. Brings up DUN window about once an hour.

So if it starts acting up, you might have rbot. rosebud All the statements of not configured correctly...there sure isn't any suggestions of the correct settings. Just skim thru the posts on this board and figure out how much energy and time people have wasted on trying to work with an underpowered/bad PSU that was giving them http://popupjammer.com/zone-alarm/zone-alarm-5-5-062-000.html just copy the one in the repair folder of the instal directory of ZA and paste into the Zonelabs folder in widows\system32.

Mine is bccode: dl (just noticed that it mis-recognized the text to a smiley last time). T-man Use ZoneAlarm Pro 6.1 - Does 1500 i/o per second on a spyware scan. tokyojin Part of ZoneAlarm, best firewall there is.... jill Zone alarm File whenever i restart my pc it gives me the blue screen of death.

Turned off ZA anti-virus scan and cpu usage dropped to zero. Carrl Zonealarm - usually quiet, sometimes spins memory and I/O out of control requiring a reboot, and thus hardly to be considered stable given the seriousness of the product and all during the WMATS+ test. catfoot eats up a lot of CPU time at startup uses lots of Mem and slows every thing down LaJack part of zonealarm, has a horrendous memeory leak.

Run Msconfig look for vsmon.exe uncheck the box and reboot, now go delete that piece of junk off you system, I never installed any ZSone products.