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Dosbox Mouse Sensitivity


Brevon Newbie Posts: 11Joined: 2008-8-21 @ 07:59 Top Reply with quote Re: Unable to change to... If you are prompted to enter the path to the driver files again, enter "C:\Drivers\S3." Once the installation is complete, enter win at the DOSBox prompt to launch Windows. If you don't specify a label and no lowlevel support is selected (that is omitting the -usecd # and/or -aspi parameters, or specifying -noioctl): For Windows: label is extracted from "Real KEYBOARD: I can't type \ or : in DOSBox.

If you are prompted to replace the MIDIMAP.CFG file, select either "Backup" or "Proceed" and continue the installation. For a list of all computers connected to the network use the IPXNET PING command. CPU Cycles (speed up/slow down) By default (cycles=auto) DOSBox tries to detect whether a game needs to be run with as many instructions emulated per time interval as possible (cycles=max, sometimes Click on Save, then on Exit and test it with some game. https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/DOSBox_FAQ

Dosbox Mouse Sensitivity

The parameters of the emulated sound cards can be changed in the DOSBox configuration file. Look at the description of the mount command in Section 4: "Internal programs" for their meaning and the additional audio-CD related options -ioctl_dx, -ioctl_mci, -ioctl_dio. I was already set as an administrator.... The syntax for IPXNET STOPSERVER is: IPXNET STOPSERVER IPXNET PING IPXNET PING broadcasts a ping request through the IPX tunneled network.

Switch the keyboard layout of your operating system. Thanks for everyone's input. There's a language= entry that can be changed with the filelocation. ======================================== 15. Dosbox Keyboard Not Working Rating is available when the video has been rented.

You might also want to select Sound Canvas/SCC/MPU-401/General MIDI/Wave Blaster at "address=330 IRQ=2" as music device. I wonder if it is possible to use another language version of windows 3.11 other than English and if if i can, how...? Useful if you changed something on a mounted drive outside of DOSBox. (CTRL - F4 does this as well!) MIXER Makes DOSBox display its current volume settings. https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Drives Del Delete the BIND to this EVENT.

Reread carefully the instructions in the first post. Dosbox Screen Size I just can't get your link to work on the original post so that I can get the files. This can be an iso or a cue/bin pair or a cue/img pair. The Language File: ====================== A language file can be generated by CONFIG.COM, which can be found on the internal DOSBox Z: drive when you start up DOSBox.

Dosbox Commands List

Get downloadable ebooks for free! http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=19333 So great to run win3.11 from a directory instead of a disk image in true color and complete sound blaster 16 installation and win32s. Dosbox Mouse Sensitivity CD-ROM: My CD-ROM doesn't work. Dosbox Mouse Not Working by Brevon » 2008-8-21 @ 16:52 AHHHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

You should hear a sound as soon as you launch Windows 3.1 again. He's as at home using the Linux terminal as he is digging into the Windows registry. It works!:OK: Thanks a lot Fifth Horseman :) rallymoose19-11-2014, 10:16 AMHi. It all works perfectly, but when I try and bring my mouse back out to my actual computer screen rather than windows 3 in dos, it disappears. Dosbox Keymapper

Layout switching DOSBox supports a number of keyboard layouts and codepages by default, in this case just the layout identifier needs to be specified (like keyboardlayout=PL214 in the DOSBox configuration file, Look at Section 13: The configuration (options) file FULLSCREEN: How do I change to fullscreen? Use the KEYB command to change your Keyboard layout. Brevon Newbie Posts: 11Joined: 2008-8-21 @ 07:59 Top Reply with quote Re: Unable to change to...

Some possible fixes: Use / instead, or ALT-58 for : and ALT-92 for \. Dosbox No Sound I tried on a different laptop as well as different browsers and neither of them worked. It's important to remember to install or setup game/applications correctly to use the correct sound devices (INSTALL.EXE, SOUNDSET.EXE and SETUP.EXE are popular program names to look for).

Doesn't work for Z:\.

The Fifth Horseman20-11-2013, 04:25 PMHey, I came across this when I was searching for ways to play my old Sim Tower game. ufo222203-09-2012, 01:37 AMI am a noob for asking this. Now click on Add and move your joystick in the respective direction, this should add an event to the BIND. Dosbox Keymapper Not Working EVENT should be jaxis_0_1-.

Also be sure to check the compatibility section of this FAQ as some game/applications are more trouble (or resource hogs) than others. To fix this go back to the DOSBox prompt, change dir to the Windows directory ("cd windows") , run setup again and then choose the VGA or SVGA drivers that come Q: How can I capture screenshots or video from DOSBox? Go to "Options" > "Change System Settings..." In the "Display" drop down, select "Other display (Requires disk from OEM)..." In the popup window, type the path to the driver files ie

pola15-08-2015, 10:21 PMHi, I've just downloaded the pack and unpacked in my dosbox games folder, but I get the same message as mentioned by someone before: "Cannot find a device file Automatically sets transparent. * usedtr:1 - The connection will not be established until DTR is switched on by the DOS program. These are all parameters: * port: - TCP port number. by Qbix » 2008-8-21 @ 08:41 mount c c:\ c: cd games Water flows down the stream How to ask questions the smart way!

Brevon Newbie Posts: 11Joined: 2008-8-21 @ 07:59 Top Reply with quote Re: Unable to change to... The File Manager (Windows 3.11's version of Explorer) can be found in Main -> File Manager . You'll want to install those, too. CTRL-F8 Increase frameskip.

The various choices only differ in the way CD audio is handled, preferably -ioctl_dio is used (lowest workload), but this might not work on all systems, so -ioctl_dx (or -ioctl_mci) can Just type in the path to the driver files and click OK. CTRL-ALT-F5 Start/Stop creating a movie of the screen. (avi video capturing) CTRL-F5 Save a screenshot. (PNG format) CTRL-F6 Start/Stop recording sound output to a wave file. Anyways, it is indeed there, like I said it worked that one time and now it's not going.

Increase cycles. If everything went fine, DOSBox will display the prompt "C:\>". Usually, DOSBox detects when a game uses mouse control. Is there a workaround?

Note that the keyboard layout allows foreign characters to be entered, but there is NO support for them in filenames. Just choose "None of the above" and continue with the installation. You can also unmount images by using the -u switch. please help!!!

By default DOSBox uses 7 (it would only be different if you changed it in the dosbox.conf file), so you'll need to change it from "5" to "7." Make sure the KEYBOARD: Right Shift and "\" doesn't work in DOSBox. (Windows only) This may happen if Windows thinks that you have more than one keyboard connected to your PC when you use Quitting program... Special Keys) or -startmapper (see Section 3.