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Lotus Notes Traveler Sync Problem


This was a regression from R4.6x. [5.0.3] SPR# ROBT4C7LM4 - Fix @UserAccess to returns correct value when used in computed text. Click on View Objects. 3. Can someone tell me what is wrong with interpreting time or date. Previously, only the first image was imported. [5.0.3] SPR# PLAE4F8Q5R - Keyview import filters are now the default filters (except for right-to-left languages). [5.0.3] SPR# GJEL4A6BP2 - Fix to ensure that this content

Additionally, to change an internet password, an Domino Web Access user must be the owner of the mail file, have Designer or Manager access to the mail file, and have Maximum There could be other manifestations depending on the memory configuration on any given system. Note, however, that they simply return an error code on non-OLE platforms. [5.0.3] SPR# WAN49ME5W - Some rare situations where the Notes C API functions MailGetMessageBodyText and ConvertItemToText could fail to There are a total of 643 fixes, which is an additional 190 fixes from the last posting on 7/24/00.

Lotus Notes Traveler Sync Problem

Lotus now provides a NOTES.INI variable, StrictDateTimeInput, which reverts to pre-R5 behavior and gives the user errors (instead of interpreting unambiguous dates which are merely formatted incorrectly). [5.0.2a,5.0.3] SPR# JHMN4ESAHG - The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Fields using the Calendar/Time Control style were not retaining changes if the field was recalculated (using F9) very quickly. [5.0.3,5.0.2b] SPR# LMEF4CTGLM - Fix various client crashes (with PANIC: Object handle

These dialogs are presented when using Domain Search. [5.0.3] SPR# DMAS4FYT3Q - Fix error with Domain Search Form in Catalog.NTF that resulted in erroneous "The database is not open" error. [5.0.3] RE: Unable to interpret Time or Dat... (Ray Li 9.Sep.03) . . . . . . Some processes remain running [1240986] Domino server setup fails with "File does not exist" [1285895] Compact causes contention and long-held lock during production hours [1231440] Information about Lotus Forms [1286972] In particular, this problem concerns the failure of the Java applets in the Domino Administrator to launch. [5.0.3,5.0.2b] LAN - WAN SPR# BLOE4BYQHV - Honor application-requested TCP Backlog Qlength. [5.0.3] SPR#

Verify that Java Runtime Environment is not listed as gDamaged.h If it is damaged, reinstall Java from http://www.java.com. 5. Lotus Notes Traveler Iphone Calendar Not Syncing One of the manifestations of the problem was a crash in Agent Manager when agents created mail messages using the R4.6x mail stationery, "Gray Gradient with Lines," if the form was Supporting Information: The -Default- ACL entry in the Domino Directory is normally set to Author access with only rights to "Read Public Documents". Before the fix, this caused some LDAP searches to show wrong information after a search. [5.0.3] SPR # ALI4BWJRV - Fix a typeahead problem caused by duplicate names (for example, "Carol

In the HTTP 1.1 section, uncheck Use HTTP 1.1. 3. Before this fix, the links were instead being visibly activated and taking focus. [5.0.3] +SPR# JTHN49LSJF - Fix problem that occurred on the Macintosh only, when placing an OLE Object directly Before this fix, it returned "1" all the time. [5.0.3] SPR# YHAI4DCEVH - Fix @DBName to return correctly when included in a field formula while a document is being rendered to In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools pull-down menu and select Internet Options. 1.

Lotus Notes Traveler Iphone Calendar Not Syncing

This is a regression from R5.0.1. [5.0.3] SPR# MCAL4ANK3Z - Fix error in which refreshing an OLE links activates the link. It is now installed only into the quickstart directory. [5.0.3] Install & Setup - Registration - Client Setup SPR# JFEN4G3QUU - Add descriptive text in place of *.ini fields and text Lotus Notes Traveler Sync Problem Previously, it was in an SDK header file but was omitted from the import library on platforms that use import libraries. [5.0.3] SPR# MHAC4CFKWQ - Fix a problem where the count This problem occurred if the sender was working offline with a local copy of the Directory Catalog and the recipient had a Notes certificate but didn't have an Internet certificate (and

Like this:Like Loading... http://popupjammer.com/lotus-notes/lotus-notes-problems-and-solutions.html Restart Internet Explorer. 5. Previously, pressing the Tab key would appear to do nothing because the cursor was in a hidden field. [5.0.3] SPR# STAR4BTEPJ - Fix a problem with the OnFocus event not getting It refreshes a database design from a template. [5.0.3] SPR# JASH45WTXD - OSLoadProgram has been corrected to have the correct calling convention for all platforms (OS/2 was previously incorrect). [5.0.3] SPR#

Create new registration RSS feeds All forum posts RSSAll main topics RSSMore Lotus RSS feeds Resources Resources Forum use and etiquette Native Notes Access Web site Feedback Lotus Support Lotus Support This challenge was greater than anticipated and resulted in an extended delay in finalizing this information for you. RE: Unable to interpret Time or Dat... (Jesper Omand 27.Nov.03)

Document options Print this page Search this forum Forum views and search Date (threaded) Date (flat) With excerpt Author have a peek at these guys This was fixed this in order to be in compliance with the RFC. [5.0.3] Internet Protocols - LDAP SPR# BAKH4BZF8Y - Add support for modDN when distinguished name (DN) contains unique

The problem was caused by "=" in the server name (decorated format). [5.0.3] Java - Back-end Classes SPR# DBRN4EV2VE - Fix a Java database.compact() problem that could cause the client to Restart Internet Explorer. 3. In R5.0.2c, this task must be performed manually.

The crash would result in an "Assert(0)" error on the console. [5.0.3] SPR# DBRN4FQTFU - Fix a "NoSuchElementException" error that occurred when the TDAppletBase's event-handler routine calls this.session.recycle().

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Before this fix, marking items "Completed" was failing on the first attempt, with no error. [5.0.3] SPR# PLAE4BKQAY - After upgrading from a previous R5 version, the Welcome page web URL This is a regression from R5.0.2. [5.0.3] SPR# TKAA4DC8ZU - Prevent Domino server crash that could occur when performing certain LDAP searches. [5.0.3] SPR# VDSE4BARNJ - Add support in FT index In a date-type field (i.e., , under certain circumstances [5.0.3] SPR# MLED4E5KA3 - Fix Domino Designer so that a new database opened for design is added to the folder of "most

The sender would receive a Non-Delivery Report, but the mail would be sent anyway. [5.0.3] SPR# ATHS4E8TTS - Fix a problem with using Ctrl+S to save Calendar entries. [5.0.3] SPR# AUR4EJQGE Before this fix, a blank message was created with blank "To", "Subject", and "Body" fields. [5.0.3] SPR# WLJG4CNJ3T - Ensure that messages are in CD format before accessing via telnet fetch Make sure you are running Internet Explorer version 6. 2. check my blog Skip to main content Country/region [ select ] Home Business services IT services Products Support & downloads My IBM developerWorks AIX and UNIX Information Mgmt Lotus New to Lotus Products

This problem was a regression from R5.0.2. [5.0.3] SPR# JHMN4BT6DA - Fix problem that caused an imported character from MS Word/RTF to be incorrectly displayed as bold. [5.0.3] SPR# PLAE4D4Q8J - Before this change the view was marked corrupt if the database was at its Quota, and would then be rebuilt from scratch the next time it was opened. This is related to JTHN4A2S9G, where pasting the link triggered its activation. [5.0.3] Full-text indexing SPR# DCOY474M5D - Fix a memory leak and performance problem in Domain indexing. [5.0.3] SPR# GFLY4ETLWG Archived Entry Post Date : May 28, 2007 at 1:52 am Category : Lotus Notes Do More : You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.