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Lotus Notes 8.5 Unable To Parse Feed From Host

That is, as users in SAP, who can log in to a module and do work. This is useful, as often you may not have easy access to the Remote Loader side to watch the trace, nor might you be running it with trace enabled, as it Workaround: As a workaround, you can manually subscribe to the feed. 1) Click "Subscribe to this feed" within the Quickr page 2) Copy the resulting URL from the Address field 3) However, if you click the button, the following error occurs: "Unable to parse feed from [server]" Cause This issue occurs because the Notes RSS feed reader reads only embedded links to my review here

Once you have a nice system set up, troubleshooting is always entertaining. I was using both RSS feeds and Activity server and neither worked. A simple dd to delete the line clears it up, but leaving it behind seems to have caused the issue. Though as always, a remote loader is probably a better idea). learn this here now

The record was returned to the person who created it for more information. File processing terminated. Mark Roden02-24-20154.03JavaScript is Awesome Bruce Elgort12-31-20154.04Good or Bad?

RTC 6.2: Not able to fetch all the Streams in a Project using Plan Java API Rational Team Concert 2.0 M2 now available FAQ - How this Forum works RSS Feed DirXML: [10/01/09 10:49:06.019]: TRACE: ParseIDoc: IDoc to parse: /idm/idocs/O_400_0000000019079301a DirXML: [10/01/09 10:49:06.020]: TRACE: ParseIDoc: Segment EDI_DC40 DirXML: [10/01/09 10:49:06.025]: TRACE: ParseIDoc: Unable to read specified byte count from array. Just to close the loop on this, configuring RTC for basic auth is documented here: http://jazz.net/library/techtip/75 but basically comment this:




Do I sound bitter?

It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. Forward... (Christine DeFlo... 29.May.07) . . Before we get to the error codes, a few quick points about the SAP HR driver, SAP as a system is HUGE! http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21290955 This will have a type of text/xml, which works in Notes 8.0 -or- Upgrade to Notes 8.0.1, which accepts text/html feeds.

Feeds  Content  Comments Recent Entries Deploying a customized DiConnections Cloud - UploaCertified Member ProfileIBM Connections 5.5 DesktChecklist for Smartcloud Archives March 2016 (2)January 2016 (1)December 2015 (1)November 2015 (3)August 2015 (1)July It's all about the answers! If there is any documentation I will gladly take it. 4 answers Most liked answers ↑|Newest answers|Oldest answers 0 link Work Item & UI Commons Team (1.3k●1) | answered Jan 14 Additionally, if you are not aware of it, the Novell Support Forums do an excellent job of supporting Novell products for free.

It kept resulting in an error: "Unable to parse feed from host". i thought about this I have a series of articles along this train of thought. Your client will load a file or two from the Quickr server and present you with the add new feed dialog instead of an error. As always, I highly recommend that you try to do this sort of article yourself and publish any error codes you might find.

The formatting is VERY constrained and non tolerant of errors. this page Bad line in input file. Powered by Blogger. Web browser opens the database with "http://DominoServer/DominoBlog.nsf" 4.

The following information appears on the dialog. - Feed name: RSS - Garbage Japanese Characters - Check: "Every hour" - Keep entries for: "1 week" 8. Then you see the driver shut down event. It has to be the most annoying thing to come on site and find out that nothing is working. get redirected here Give your feed a name and click OK to add it to your Feed Reader.

All other settings are updated correctly.So until this bug is fixed as a workaround you can change the line "http.nonProxyHosts=" in the file "com.ibm.rcp.net.http.prefs" to the correct settings.BTW: Im quite sure I have a bunch of error messages from the GroupWise, and eDirectory drivers I need to write about. Its giving the error - "Unable to download a feed from host, server returned error code 307".

My hope is that the next person who encounters this error in trace, will copy and paste into a Google search, and whammo, find at least one possible suggestion on how

As I was learning about iDOCs I tried editing one myself, to cut it into pieces and make it smaller, into a single event I could follow and troubleshoot. ClearCase base trigger to check associated work items How to uninstall RTC 3.0.1 Eclipse extension from RAD? In your web browser, open the Quickr place and/or folder you want to subscribe to. Mark Roden08-10-20153.510PSC a year later: A new role and having so much fun Rene Winkelmeyer04-14-20163.55If you’re a speaker or want to be a speaker – listen to this guy Bruce Elgort12-22-20153.52You

The community works to answer the questions, and Novell does encourage people by selecting some of the more common contributors to be Novell Knowledge Partners. Bruce Elgort02-27-20163.91“Coping with Humans:” A Support Group for Bots Bruce Elgort07-11-20163.93Mike Monteiro: Let Us Now Praise Ordinary People Bruce Elgort07-11-20163.94Meagan Fisher, “Users Are People Too” Christian Guedemann01-20-20153.93#IBMNotes25 Party ? It will only be written correctly into this file if the line "http.nonProxyHosts=" is not present in the file. useful reference The actual error, on the Remote Loader side that seems to get us in trouble here is: Unable to read specified byte count from array.

You could always write your own, using the Java API to connect to the target systems native interfaces, or when available you can use the Scripting driver to do the same, The more we get into Google the easier it will be for others searching for help on the topic to help themselves! (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)You need to Click on the More Actions button and then select Subscribe. The feed is likely protected with form based authentication.

Any thoughts? Still no RSS love :-( (Eric Ballinger 27.Oct.08) . . . . Cause The issue occurs if attempt to subscribe to the feed with an OpenDocument url. Rene Winkelmeyer09-29-20154.34IBM Notes 9.0.2 for Mac OS X is there (yeah, you read it correctly, 9.0.2) Stephan Kopp01-19-20164.27Ein Plädoyer für Lotus Notes (Teil 1) Milan Matejic10-06-20154.21IBM Connections Plug-ins for Notes &

Feedback number WEBB73NH6L created by Mario Bourque on 05/29/2007 Status: Closed Comments: Return to top RSS Feeds with password protection (Mario Bourque 29.May.07) . . The best kind. DirXML: [10/02/08 14:01:10.750]: TRACE: SAPPublicationShim: Setting 'success' status on eventObject 'P+00011188' DirXML: [10/02/08 14:01:10.751]: TRACE: ParseIDoc: Status of Published document 'O_400_00000000115871645' is 'bad' DirXML: [10/02/08 14:01:10.763]: TRACE: ParseIDoc: File 'O_400_00000000115871645.proc' renamed Most external feed readers will not support this kind of authentication.Ben 0 link Rick Gillaspy (21) | answered Feb 10 '10, 5:31 p.m.