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Fatal Error Unable To Read 2147 Bytes In

Must write all four components.3634AGAL linkage: Fragment output needs to write to all components.3635AGAL linkage: Vertex output needs to write to all components.3636AGAL validation failed: Unused operand is not set to For example, you will see this error when you use the following code (because the last line mistakingly calls the variable big instead of blg): var blg:String = "foo"; var big:Sprite Tampering has been detected. Unable to introduce the combiner for optimization. 2019 Expected to find plan with single leaf. news

Both the runtime (Flash Player or AIR) and the Flash Access module need to be updated. 3307Generic internal Flash Access failure.3308Wrong voucher key. Try connecting the device to a different connection. 3339Can't play back on analog device. The connected digital device doesn't have the correct capabilities, for example, it doesn't support HDCP. 3343 Internal Error. Since this Sprite object is never added to the display list (via the addChild() method of a DisplayObjectContainer object), then its stage property is set to null, and as such, its http://www.ilanni.com/?p=3030

See the note at the bottom of this table. * 1024Stack underflow. All the errors from these components can be categorized as front-end errors. All miplevels are required when mipmapping is enabled.3701The output color register can not use a write mask.

Field Schema: . This operating system is not allowed to play this media. 3337Upgrade Flash Player or AIR and retry playback. Indicates that the operation failed because the specified file is a database file whose data has become corrupted. This loader doesn't implement it. 1105 Heap percentage / Conversion factor cannot be set to 0 1106 Merge join is possible only for simple column or '*' join keys when using

If DRMContentData was extracted from FLV/F4V try downloading the content again. 3315 The current security context does not allow this operation. Installing on a temporary or development server. left hand side: right hand size: type 1040 Could not set field schema 1041 NEG can be used with numbers or Bytearray only 1042 NOT can be used with If I moved the files to the desktop and then back up to the server all the files were copied just fine.

This platform is not allowed to play this media. 3335Invalid version of Flash Access module. Found 2021 Internal error. File doesn't exist: 6005 Unable to rename to 6006 Unable to copy to 6007 Unable to check name 6008 Failed to obtain glob for Make sure that you are calling the correct function, and that the API has not changed from ActionScript 2.0.

Michael Cheney, Apr 10, 2006 #4 alex Administrator Staff Member Joined: Jan 24, 2004 Messages: 6,016 Michael, there just cannot be other reasons for this error message but upload problem. In AIR, update to the latest version of AIR. If this error occurs in AIR, reinstall AIR. There are two valid formats: A description with Windows file extensions only A description with Windows file extensions and Macintosh file formats.

This error can also occur if a security error occurs during network access. navigate to this website Evaluate Confluence today. The server has returned an error in an application-specific namespace. In general the following files and folders must be uploaded in BINARY.

alex, Apr 17, 2006 #5 inkblotz Guest uploaded entire package 5 times 4 clients. Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2014 XenForo Ltd. Try another ftp client, or contact us and we will upload files for you. More about the author Partners | Affiliate Program | Privacy policy | License agreement | Sales & Refund policy The request cannot be fulfilled by the server Linked ApplicationsLoading… Spaces Browse Pages Blog Labels

If you... Valid values are: SQLTransactionLockType.DEFERRED SQLTransactionLockType.IMMEDIATE SQLTransactionLockType.EXCLUSIVE 3113Reference specified is not of type File.3114 An invalid open mode was specified. Valid values are: SQLMode.READ SQLMode.UPDATE SQLMode.CREATE 3115SQL Error.3116An internal logic error occurred.3117Access permission denied.

is not allowed 1130 Datatype of i'th group/join column in j'th relation of statement is incompatible with corresponding column in other relations in the statement 2000 Internal error.

Reading compressed or single/dual channel textures must be explicitly declared.3764Reloading a SWF is not supported on this operating system.3765This call requires a Context3D that is created with the baseline or baselineExtended A classification of the source of errors is given below. When used in batch mode (i.e., when a script to be executed is provided), the log file name will also contain the name of the script - pig__.log. See the note at the bottom of this table. * 1034Type Coercion failed: cannot convert %a to %t1035Illegal super expression in method %m See the note at the bottom of this

Not Yet Registered? User defined schema: 1018 Problem determining schema during load 1019 Unable to merge schemas 1020 Only a BAG or TUPLE can have schemas. Could not find all LocalRearrange operators. 2087 Unexpected problem during optimization. click site Try again at a later date. 3332Cached voucher has expired.

Unable to introduce split operators. 2048 Error while performing checks to introduce split operators. 2049 Error while performing checks to optimize limit operator. 2050 Internal error. Schema of successor cannot be null for pushing down foreach with flatten. 2155 Internal error while pushing foreach with flatten down. 2156 Error while fixing projections. Cannot play media because the connected analog device doesn't have the correct capabilities (for example, it doesn't have Macrovision or ACP). 3341Can't play back on digital device. Should be in the range between 0 and . 2141 Internal Error.

Pass a value between 2 and 36 as a radix argument. 1004A method of '%t' was invoked on an incompatible object. The Flash Access module will then reindividualize. 3324Reset license files and the client will fetch a new machine token.