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The syntax varies slightly by RDBMS:Oracle:call sde.version_util.set_current_version ('SDE.Working');SQL Server:exec sde.sde.set_current_version 'SDE.Working';The parameter above ‘SDE.Working’ can be changed to any other version in the system that your user has access to. The "selection tests" menu doesn't update when genes/domains are marked coding or uncoding. Division by zero error appears in calculation of TajimaD. git fsck --full, and it should now be safe to delete any corrupted objects that fsck finds.

When users are not educated about versioning and try to use SQL directly against a geodatabase they can get misleading results from their queries and can even cause data loss/corruption if reply Update From MVV Submitted by SSP Innovations on Mon, 06/24/2013 - 14:21 Thanks for the feedback, the old-school approach we usually utilized was using a select statement against the two Alignment Editor ClustalW access violation when aligning large data sets. File Converter File converter appends data to existing files instead of overwriting Tree Explorer The cutoff value for generating a bootstrap consensus NJ (ME, MP) tree does not work.


When multiple versions of a record are present in the same state, all but the latest record is deleted. Lineage entry for lineage 6162 has a state id of 6292, which is invalid. and what could have caused this to happen suddenly ?appreciate any helpregards,No one else has this questionMark as assumed answeredOutcomesVisibility: Managing Data3482 ViewsLast modified on Dec 8, 2014 5:04 AMThis content

In the example below, the diagnose_tables operation is being run against a DB2 database. Output integers in negative order, increase the maximum integer everytime Not able to access Internet after running sudo chown -R $USER$USER /usr/lib/ Do progress reports/logging information belong on stderr or stdout? The edits still exist in the "add" table and are not available in the base business table. share|improve this answer answered Jul 21 '15 at 15:20 Dez 368210 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Runnning git stash; git stash pop fixed my problem share|improve this answer

Error Oct [Tue 7 12:23:18 2008] [16301] Warning: Unable to trim state 91349->91370 for table SHALA.VACANTLOTS error, = -51 Oct [Tue 7 2008] 12:23:18 [16301] DBMS error code: 1 ora-00001:唯一约束(沙拉。a600_pk)侵犯。” 那么我们针对提到的状态= Sde Compress It’s exactly what you think it is based on our past articles but you need to let SDE do its versioning magic to keep everything in sync. States that have an invalid parent state are not repaired, but a warning is issued. You can google those topics for some additional reading if interested.Once you’ve got an open edit state on the specified version (i.e.

I’ve covered a lot in this topic and over the last 4 months in this versioning series of articles. Each table in the file is on a separate line, as shown below: map.cities map.parcels map.hydrants map.LAKES map.powerlines map.DISPATCH To repair these tables, specify the file with the -r option. You will probably have "dangling commit" and "dangling blob" lines in the report, these are a consequence of your rebases and amends in this folder, and are OK. Learn about the career paths that led them here.

Sde Compress

Our versioning workflow is very simple. http://www.databasesql.info/article/266140763/ I started with looking at how many commits I had not pushed to the remote repo, thus: gitk & If you don't use this tool it is very handy - available Sdegdbrepair If your user can’t access the version in ArcCatalog/ArcMap, it will not be able to access it via SQL.Using the above proc you can now run Multiversion View SQL queries against Arcsde Command Line Tools Then I could do a git fetch.

Same is the case if you have named versions that have not been reconciled. Can the product of two nonsymmetric matrices be symmetric? Don’t worry though, if you accidentally call it twice, Esri will kick back a pretty informative error message indicating the current state has not been closed (i.e. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the old-school approach!

There are a lot of additional network-related edits that occur via ArcMap and the MultiVersion View won’t handle any of them. That have an States invalid parent state are not repaired but a warning is issued. Error: Unable to compress state tree. Everyone edits the DEFAULT version directly.

Error: Unable to complete repairing orphaned rows. After asking the coworker to change the permissions with "chmod 444 -R objects" inside the bare git repo, the problem was fixed. STATE:Specify STATE: followed by the high state_id for which the trim during the compress operation failed.

Records containing state IDs in the MVTABLES_MODIFIED table that are pointing to nonexistent states will be removed.

Our WMS is web-based and using the Multiversion Views allows us to get this versioned data directly via the database without requiring Esri ArcObjects or any GIS licenses.The above versioned query I just needed Git to stop complaining about the empty object file. Running sdegdbrepair with the repair_tables operation and repairing a selected versioned table The following is an example of running the sdegdbrepair o repair_tables command to repair a single table. Cause An error inside the DB_sp_states_def_delete function causes the compression to fail when SDE.STATES table has exactly 202 states (also fails for 402, 602, 200xN+2, etc.).

To discover if your database contains inconsistencies, first run o diagnose_tables. Those could be the related blobs. Is This Content Helpful? Author Information Skye Perry Skye Perry is a Principal Consultant for SSP Innovations and has provided technical architecture, development, and management solutions for GIS-centered implementations since 2000.

Also if users have locks on particular states, those states will not be blown away. This month we want to hit on another very useful topic that will enable you to consume and manage your geodatabase directly through SQL access (outside of the Esri software).As you This fix requires access to an uncorrupted remote copy of the repository, and will keep your locally working copy intact. Tree explorer loses user-specified ordering during compress/decompress.

The repair rules for the delta tables are as follows: Records in the Adds table that reference nonexistent states are deleted. Rate not updated after changing the calibration point and pressing the OK button in Calibrate-Clock. Not the answer you're looking for? Life saver :) –Sharif Mamun Nov 29 '14 at 20:41 2 IMHO this should be the accepted answer.

Give permissions on the view to any users or roles that need to access it.Your Multiversion View is now ready to use and can be accessed directly within your SQL tools