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Error Unable To Read Change Set Entry For Activity

cleartool: Error: Unable to deliver stream "stream-name". Begin incrementally labeling baseline "Cust_Test_01_08_03". relocate - This utility moves elements and directory trees from one VOB to another. Note: In this example, there are no mis-matches reported. 6. check my blog

The baseline cannot have already been modified in any UCM stream of any project, or removing the baseline will fail. There is a check performed, and if the baseline is part of a composite baseline, then the removal fails with an error message indicating that it's part of a composite baseline. Here is the usage for fix_bl_members: fix_bl_members.exe Example: fix_bl_members.exe [email protected]/vobs/pvob1 If using this utility does not resolve the errors or for help using the utility, you should contact IBM Rational Suggestion service. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8162355/clearcase-ucm-unable-to-read-change-set-entry-for-activity

Details specific to Chrome are provided in this Notice where relevant. Views that are linked to a UCM Activity can be determined using the cleartool describe or the cleartool lsactivity -long command. 1. Learn more. When the following command was run from the CLI after receiving the error, the same error occurred again for the same number of unlinked records, but they got UCMUtilityActivity records this

cleartool: Error: Can't update stream's configuration. Unable to complete a rebase or deliver because the destination is corrupt or missing. clearexport_ccase: Error: Unable resolve pathname "[email protected]@". This looks like it may have caused problems during the integration.

Search features. To stop a task, go to the Activity Monitor and stop the task by clicking the red "x" in the Actions column.FR_3000 Error opening file [XXXXX]. Started by "jdoe" at 01/31/05 12:08:32. Get More Info For ongoing integration, you can lookup data in Salesforce.https://community.informatica.com/docs/DOC-1644 101170Views Categories: Data Synchronization Service, Data Replication Services Tags: none (add) errorsContent tagged with errors, troubleshootingContent tagged with troubleshooting, debuggingContent tagged with

If you attempt the import in a UCM view, you will get an error, clearimport: Error: Importing to a UCM view is not allowed. Update the snapshot view load rules to include the component that you added to the stream, if applicable These instructions are in IBM Rational ClearCase Managing Software Projects > Managing the Edit your task and , exclude some fields. Is there a non-medical name for the curve where index finger and thumb meet? "newfangled", "fandangle" and "fandango" Can the product of two nonsymmetric matrices be symmetric?

Sites may deposit new cookies on your system while you are in these modes, but they'll only be stored and transmitted until you close the last incognito or guest window. If there are dependencies, a message will appear during the deliver notifying you of the dependency. A full baseline is a baseline that you create by recording all versions of all elements below the component's root directory. On Google websites and other websites that opt in, if Chrome detects signs that you are being actively attacked by someone on the network (a "man in the middle attack"), Chrome

For example, dbilling123 on Windows is mapped to dbilling on UNIX (or Linux). click site Usage statistics do not include web page URLs or personal information. Open a command prompt (click Start > Run and type cmd). 2. cleartool: Error: Unable to deliver stream "SourceStreamName".

current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. To better understand the functionality available for creating new components in a Multiple Component VOB, refer to the following technotes: 1243311 - About Creating a component in a VOB 1240724 - This error occurred when attempting to view the project Policy information via the Project Explorer GUI on NT. news At this point, it is unknown if the "setact -none" really worked even though it gave the error, or the act of logging out and back in cleared the issue.

These “server logs” typically include your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify cleartool: Error: Unable to create hlink of type "Foundation" from "cr_1_28_2005_pips.8891", to "timeline050128.140320". User [XXXXX].

The target stream is locked.

Cause This error is the result of: Removing versions from the change set of a rebase activity, or Removing the actual rebase activity while the rebase is still in progress Resolving IDispatch error #18019 Failed condition: AdIsNonEmpty(def_name) Location: ClearQuest Core:admetadatamgr.cpp:1844 Updated: 06/02/14 Version: 7.1.2 This error occurred while attempting to CQ enable a UCM project. Back to the INDEX. See the workarounds detailed below.

Just check in your config specs used by your delivers if there is no "element /yourVob/lost+found -none" rule. –VonC Nov 17 '11 at 7:41 Checked 4. Note: The directions for recommending a baseline and rebasing a child stream have been documented below; follow the sequence of steps for this procedure as numbered above. If the rebase error still persist, then the mastership of the timeline activity must be transferred manually prior to completing the rebase: cleartool chmaster new_mastering_replica anyactivity:[email protected]\PVOB Note: In some cases, there More about the author What change in history would I have to make to stop Christmas from happening?

The project had several components, some read-write, some read-only. For example, if creating a component within a VOB, run the mkcomp command in the top level folder of the VOB. To rebase a child stream to the new baseline , from Project Explorer > right-click the stream > select Rebase Stream, and the following dialogue will open, click OK: 2. Note: A similar error occurs during a deliver operation as well as a make baseline (mkbl) operation.

All mobile versions of the Chrome browser also include a non-unique promotional tag with searches from the omnibox. cleartool: Error: Unable to change all streams. More information on creating Components without a VOB root for storing Project Baselines is available in IBM Rational ClearCase Managing Software Projects, such as: Creating a Component for Storing the Project Removing a UCM Component Currently, there is no functionality that will allow you to remove a component after it has been in use in a UCM Project, refer to technote 1178234

Back to the INDEX. If "Create a Component in a VOB" and the specified VOB is a single-component VOB. How do I - determin dependent UCM activities in ClearCase How can I determine which activities are dependent on other activities when delivering in an IBM Rational ClearCase UCM project? It is not slated to be back patched in any currently available versions due to the extent and complexity of the code changes that were involved.

Add the component to the integration stream's configuration 2. (Optionally) Make the component modifiable. GUI [Rational ClearCase Explorer] Config spec indicates that checkouts are not allowed for element "M:\proj1_dev_vu\multivob\." . Because Activity B also contains versions of lib.c, users may be required to deliver other activities to satisfy dependencies for lib.c. Is the Component a member of a composite baseline? 7.