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Error Unable To Connect To Port 9123 Desktop Sharing

For pull requests that make major changes, the submitter must provide with the pull request additional documentation to make it easy for others to review: What the code does (with reference W, [2015-03-06T11:48:19.852834 #4550] WARN -- : Failed to archive video for 488052dc7c095c74bf8992ec51a66298db04b765-1425642166675. Refer to it for problems. If you are unsure of how many users your server will support, we strongly recommend you first stress test your own server with a group of users to get real-world data. check my blog

So my port 80 on my router is forwarded to this machine. Like other open source projects, a good place to start is to try fixing an open issue. However, BigBlueButton is a real-time application processing voice and video. Reload to refresh your session.

However, beware, no one who has tried this has lived to post a success message to our mailing list :-). BigBlueButton Open Source Web Conferencing Home Overview Architecture 1.0 Install Install Setup Development Environment bbb-conf LTI Configuration Files Develop Accessibility Branding Localization API Recording Client Configuration Support Road Map FAQ Release Why is this project called BigBlueButton The name came from the goal of making the process to setup a virtual classroom as easy as pressing a (metaphorical) big blue button. Realistically, today both platforms are very solid.

Time is a precious commodity. The configuration for location for the default presentation (default.pdf) is stored /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/bigbluebutton/WEB-INF/classes/bigbluebutton.properties. To modify one of these demos to create your own classrooms, see How to create your own virtual classrooms. Corresponding, to increase the quality of the picture (and reduce the frame rate), increase the value of camQualityPicture.

Download the API from DualCode into the /usr/share/moodle/mod folder and unzip: sudo wget http://www.dualcode.com/bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton.zip sudo unzip bigbluebutton.zip Copy the bigbluebutton/mod/bigbluebutton folder (and its contents) into the /usr/share/moodle/mod folder: sudo mkdir /usr/share/moodle/mod/bigbluebutton We *strongly* recommend that if you want to run BigBlueButton to use the distribution (Ubuntu) supported by the community. It's a quality vs. netstat -ant | grep '8888' > /dev/null; then echo "# Warning: There is no application server listening to port 8888." echo fi fi # # Check if the local server can

We release on quality, not dates. Whenever a meeting is created, BigBlueButton will automatically load, convert, and display this presentation for all users. You have signed a committers agreement so there is no ambiguity that your contributions may be released under an open source license. BigBlueButton will install the individual MySQL and PHP components during its own installation.

Log in or register to post comments Comment #5 shantidev CreditAttribution: shantidev commented March 14, 2014 at 6:47am Hi Chipie, Thanks again. If the presenter needs to share their desktop, then we recommend running FireFox. Drupal -> Administer -> Modules -> Big Blue Button -> select the Big Blue Button module functions you intend to use Test the BigBlueButton settings: Drupal -> Site administration -> BigBlueButton Reported by waleed.harbi on 2011-03-22 19:28:59 bigbluebutton-issue-import commented Aug 12, 2015 As much as I like Ubuntu, my dedicated server provider supports CentOS.

Not the answer you're looking for? click site How do I change the maximum allowed size for uploading a presentation The default maximum file upload size for BigBlueButton is 30 MB. It will install in about 15 minutes. See http://code.google.com/p/bigbluebutton/wiki/RoadMap If you really need CentOS support, see: http://code.google.com/p/bigbluebutton/wiki/FAQ#When_will_feature_X_be_supported?

Much of this is invisible to end-users, but it keeps the technical debt low so we can innovate faster with each release. If you want users to open your demo page by default, you can modify /var/www/bigbluebutton-default/index.html to redirect the users to the demo page. At first glance at the underlying architecture, BigBlueButton may seem complex, but it’s not really once you get to know the system. news See HTML5 Client and presentations from Developer Summit IX.

we're deep into working on 0.71 and don't have any bandwidth at the moment to work on the RPM packaging. Permission denied - /var/bigbluebutton/recording/raw/488052dc7c095c74bf8992ec51a66298db04b765-1425642166675/audio I, [2015-03-06T11:48:19.851981 #4550] INFO -- : Archiving presentation for 488052dc7c095c74bf8992ec51a66298db04b765-1425642166675. Thank you.


If one of the students is on a lower bandwidth, then they will get less frequent updates on the video streams and may get lower quality of audio. Don’t you just love open source! Networking How do I change the hostname of my BigBlueButton server If you change the hostname (or IP address) of your BigBlueButton server, you can easily change all the related BigBlueButton Design After the planning phase, each feature for the release is assigned an issue in the BigBlueButton Issue Tracker (if it does not already have one).

Reported by ffdixon on 2012-11-11 17:19:13 Status changed: WontFix bigbluebutton-issue-import commented Aug 12, 2015 Hi, The links describing "how to use RPM packages to install BigBlueButton on CentOS 5.4 (32-bit and We do have experience with CentOS. I am kind of stuck here. More about the author This is a common problem when setting up BigBlueButton behind # a firewall # BBB_WEB=$(cat ${SERVLET_DIR}/bigbluebutton/WEB-INF/classes/bigbluebutton.properties | sed -n '/^bigbluebutton.web.serverURL/{s/.*\///;p}') check_no_value server_name /etc/nginx/sites-available/bigbluebutton $BBB_WEB if !

ps aux | grep -v grep | grep '[/]usr/bin/redis-server' > /dev/null; then print_header NOT_RUNNING_APPS="${NOT_RUNNING_APPS} redis-server" else RUNNING_APPS="${RUNNING_APPS} redis-server" fi if ! For the above reasons, we recommend you setup BigBlueButton on a dedicated server listening to port 80. Log in or register to post comments Add child issue, clone issue News itemsDrupal news Planet Drupal Association news Social media directory Security announcements Jobs Our communityCommunity Getting involved Services, Training I just wanted to let you know, so you are not stuck waiting on this.

red5). If a remote user is unable to connect to port 1935, which typically occurs when a remote user’s corporate firewall blocks external access to all other ports except port 80, then Then reload Apache2: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart This avoids conflicts while installing and testing BigBlueButton. (Of course, for the most part, any servers using Apache2 will be non-functional unless all corresponding virtual If the port listening port has been changed to 81 (see above), then use the command: sudo bbb-conf --setip bigbluebutton.mydomain.org:81 Also change the Nginx webserver listening port (see below).