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Itunes Error Codes


EC2069 [drive]: cannot filter a volume mount point.. The OS error message provides the specific cause of the failure. The error may be bypassed (restart and do exit recovery) but you probably need to re-update it one more time. One possible cause for this error is that another process has modified the build output area while eMake is running. have a peek at these guys

EC1112 The protocol version of Electric Make ([ver]) is incompatible with the software installed on the Electric Cloud cluster [machine] ([version]). iTunes couldn't connect with the device. EC3148 Couldn't start cluster build Note: Agent errors regarding the establishment of the virtual filesystem for a particular build will be displayed if there are at least three errors. Error 13 Occurs when you want to install an iOS 4.1 beta firmware with iTunes for Windows (actively blocked by Apple; beta users are developers and therefore must have a Mac). http://runinmami.ttw.ddns.mobi/y0w0p8p16969.html

Itunes Error Codes

EC1011 Invalid compression thresholds. You can reference the annotation file to determine the host where error occurred. Compiling Math.h++ 6.x with MSVC 4.2 results in errors in the file rwlpbla.cpp Compiler trouble on IRIX 5.3 My Sun compiler reports a Sig 10 error when building with Tools.h++ When Error 2003 Connection problem; change USB cable and check USB port.

Fixes Verify that you are using the correct history file. EC1106 Bad temp dir. EC2003 Session::doCommand received name record whose EfsFileName would not fit in a single page. Iphone Error 45 There was a problem downloading the software for the (Apple TV/iPhone/iPod/iPad) "XXXXXXX" the network connection was reset, make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or

The problem is a bad dock connector on the iPhone. For more information, contact your system administrator. ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_SERVICE_PRIVILEGE 1297 (0x511) A privilege that the service requires to function properly does not exist in the service account configuration. To resolve, stitch your blobs to a "No_BB" ipsw of the firmware you are trying to downgrade to. Reasons The Electric Make (eMake) history file consists of several plain-text sections.

EC1092 Unable to determine path for [name] (OBSOLETE) EC1093 Unable to determine path for [name] (OBSOLETE) EC1094 Unable to determine path for [name] (OBSOLETE) EC1095 Unable to find current working directory Tatsu Declined To Authorize This Image On This Device For This User The specific cause of the failure is given by the OS error message. Error when executing a stored procedure. EC1136 Error accessing Ledger database in parent make.

Itunes Error 45

EC3002 Request failed. http://support.sas.com/kb/44794.html In that case you must rerun the build with --emake-history set to merge or create. Itunes Error Codes The service with the unrestricted service SID type must be moved to an owned process in order to start this service. ERROR_DRIVER_PROCESS_TERMINATED 1291 (0x50B) The process hosting the driver for Apple Error Codes List SPM doesn't install correctly under Windows 'Tried to dereference a null RWENode handle' error running SPM 'Unresolved external symbol opinit' runtime error Porting Tools Pro.h++ 1.1.2 to Linux Command line builds

EC2047 Session::doCommand received name record before file attributes. More about the author VAL-1421 Label {Label} must begin with a letter; only contain letters, numbers, spaces and underscores; and cannot equal ‘XML' Label must begin with a letter; only contain letters, numbers, spaces and Fixes The fix will depend on the specific cause of the error. EC2061 UnixBufferPool::flush couldn't write to {buffer [x]:[y]}+[l]: [error]. Itunes Restore Error 18

EC1055 unexpected exception halting build. Device isn't bootable. There may be enabled, good agents on the Cluster Manager, but not part of the resource specified for this build. check my blog EC1036 Chain::getVersion detected a malformed chain, treating as a stale version.

If this doesn't work, the memory of your device is damaged. Tatsu Declined To Authorize Iphone The first thing to do in this case is to run cacls m:\dist\fsf\PROJ\boost\1.33.1\common\include\boost\variant to see what Windows sees. Error 28 Hardware error.

If you wish to capture the annotation to a file, you can use the standard I/O redirection facilities on your platform to do so.

Please try retyping the path or contact your network administrator. ERROR_BAD_PROVIDER 1204 (0x4B4) The specified network provider name is invalid. ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_PROFILE 1205 (0x4B5) Unable to open the network connection The IOCTL_SERIAL_XOFF_COUNTER did not reach zero.) ERROR_FLOPPY_ID_MARK_NOT_FOUND 1122 (0x462) No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk. ERROR_FLOPPY_WRONG_CYLINDER 1123 (0x463) Mismatch between the floppy disk sector ID EC2086 session abort wait. Iphone Error Code 1667 Your Password has expired.

If I copy the same .Fex into ibisamp folder and try to open it with the developer studio, info assists while trying to open I get the same error. NAND chip is dead (confirm with ASR output from restore log). Description At startup eMake attempts to validate each path specified as an eMake root to ensure that it exists, is accessible to the user invoking the build, and that it is news EC1035 Couldn't remove backing store.

Reasons Electric Make attempts to create the temporary directory in several locations, including any location explicitly specified by the user with the --emake-tmpdir command-line option or the EMAKE_TMPDIR environment variable; the However, Odysseus or OdysseusOTA can be used if the user has SHSH blobs but it only works on some iOS versions and will need the device to be currently jailbroken. EC1069 Unable to write file. This device isn't eligible for the requested build Errors -100 ... -1 Error -54 Permission error either on your computer or the device.

EC1172 Unknown security mode for agent communications: "[option]" EC1173 ... It can be resolved by updating to 10.5.7 (or later), or using a USB hub. EC1188 target file `XYZ' cannot appear in #pragma multi rules with differing target sets. Fixes The fix depends on the cause of the error.

EC1078 ios_base::failure. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help. ERROR_PROTOCOL_UNREACHABLE 1233 (0x4D1) The network location cannot be reached. EC2006 Bad root "[root]": this would interfere with the Electric Agent's state files stored in "[dir]". Reasons The user has specified --emake-annodetail with an unsupported annotation detail level when invoking eMake in local mode (that is, eMake is not using Accelerator agents).

If seen on iPad's, try restoring the latest firmware in DFU mode. Errors 20xx Errors 2000-2009 (from KB TS3694): If you experience this issue on a Mac, disconnect third-party devices, hubs, spare cables, displays, reset the SMC, and then try to restore. Check your permissions with your system administrator. ERROR_UNIDENTIFIED_ERROR 1287 (0x507) Insufficient information exists to identify the cause of failure. ERROR_INVALID_CRUNTIME_PARAMETER 1288 (0x508) The parameter passed to a C runtime EC2022 Couldn't create server socket: [error].