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Delphi Unable To Find Resource Only Dll Projects

Quote> "Lev Korostyshevsky" wrote in message -- Rudy Velthuis (TeamB) http://delphi-jedi.org Lev Korostyshevsk Delphi Developer Thu, 11 Sep 2003 21:49:05 GMT I only saw 4-5 references on the net to the same thing, one at least in Delphi 5. When hiking, why is the right of way given to people going up? Invulnerable veterans of distinguishable lensesA october delphi unable to find resource only dll projects a very of pc autocad civil 3d 2010 other known articular that lubricates light freezes in such this content

Browse other questions tagged image delphi resources embedded-resource or ask your own question. Thanks, Lev Worked a treat -- Marvellous freeware tools at http://www.lorriman.demon.co.uk Quote"Lev Korostyshevsky" wrote in message news:[email protected] Anyone know how? I'm >> not even sure it's not one of the experts I installed (GExpert, Castalia, >> MMX Code Explorer). > > In addition to your own added experts, there is > http://www.delphigroups.info/2/cf/522074.html

In addition to your own added experts, there is one shipping expert that comes to mind, iteidew32.bpl, Borland Integrated Translation Environment for Win32. Anybody saw that before and solved the annoying dialog? Board index » delphi » Unable to find resource only DLL projects!!!???!!! Error Logging Utility and Controllers Output integers in negative order, increase the maximum integer everytime Output the sign I have forgotten what the puzzle was What does it mean to become

Quote> My project keep coming up with this message every time I open it. > I know that this has got something to do with internationalization but I > would really Since I can't set a property to load from resource. Anyone know how? Unable to locate DLL - Entry Point Not Found 9.

Team Delphi Developer Fri, 12 Sep 2003 02:29:15 GMT Re:Unable to find resource only DLL projects!!!???!!! Well, add JPEG to your uses clause, and do procedure TForm5.Image1Click(Sender: TObject); var RS: TResourceStream; JPGImage: TJPEGImage; begin JPGImage := TJPEGImage.Create; try RS := TResourceStream.Create(hInstance, 'JpgImage', RT_RCDATA); try JPGImage.LoadFromStream(RS); Image1.Picture.Graphic := How to make a shell read the whole script before executing it? http://www.life2oh-en.com/carts/soft/delphi-unable-to-find-resource-only-dll-projects.html Do progress reports/logging information belong on stderr or stdout?

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Unable to find Ressource Only DLL Project 5. http://popupjammer.com/delphi-unable/delphi-unable-to-load-libmysql-dll.html Does anyone know what is happening here? Depowering a high AC PC without killing the rest of the group Writing a recommendation letter for a student I reported for academic dishonesty Golf a Numerical Growing Braid I have How can I keep the computers on my spaceship from dying after a hull breach?

Then I added a TImage control, and gave it an OnClick handler: procedure TForm1.Image1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Image1.Picture.Bitmap.LoadFromResourceName(HInstance, 'SampleBitmap'); end; It works perfectly. The message is: 'Unable to find Resource Only DLL projects. If you're using BCB5, remove these sections from the XML section in your project.bpk file. - Lev QuoteGreg Lorriman wrote in message news:[email protected] have a peek at these guys Further, SampleBitmap and JpgImage are the names of the resources in my sample.

There is also a path displayed where default projects are saved and another Edit control where I'm supposed to put the requested path. Extensible code to support different HR rules Not able to access Internet after running sudo chown -R $USER$USER /usr/lib/ Can a mathematician review my t-shirt design? Quote> > Overquotes.

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Carl Caulket Delphi Developer Fri, 12 Sep 2003 07:14:26 GMT Re:Unable to find resource only DLL projects!!!???!!! Interview question "How long will you stay with us?" "newfangled", "fandangle" and "fandango" What is the purpose of the AT-ACT? The string type obviously have to be AnsiString as shown in RRUZ answer (the file is, as mentioned, a Ansi encoded file). So I need to load at run time.

BTW: I've also tried to use the indexed version of the TResourceStream-constructor, but I don't know which index to use (tried 0, 1, and 2 to no avail). Not the answer you're looking for? That's going way too far, Rudy. > > My concience is clear. > A 3 line response with a 30 line quote (including blank lines). http://popupjammer.com/delphi-unable/delphi-unable-to-set-icon.html If you have this file: c:\documents and settings\\local settings\application data\borland\bds\4.0\DefProject.bdsproj ...then delete it or move it to get back to default defaults for subsequently created new projects.

Unable to find I_RpcTransClientReallocBuffer in RPCRT4.dll 10. Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] gidday Just today, for no apparent reason, when I attempt to create a new app in Note: I'm unable to visit the newsgroups every day at the moment, so be patient if you don't get a reply immediately. Did Donald Trump say that "global warming was a hoax invented by the Chinese"?

Thanks Greg Greg Lorrima Delphi Developer Fri, 12 Sep 2003 00:42:36 GMT Re:Unable to find resource only DLL projects!!!???!!! Can the product of two nonsymmetric matrices be symmetric? I agree! It is up to you to place the code at the right place in your code.

Thanks for correcting it! –Andreas Rejbrand Apr 27 '11 at 14:28 +1 for the JPG catch and code. –Ken White Apr 27 '11 at 14:46 | show 1 more