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could not reserve record 2 tries keep trying oracle forms

ora-12154 tnsping works sqlplus fails

could not allocate enough space for object heap

windows could not start the apache 2.2 on local computer error code 1

android vfy unable to resolve virtual method

windows could not start apache 2.4 on local computer

starting httpd: (98)address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address

caused by: org.hibernate.mappingexception: could not determine type for:

iphonesimulator: could not launch simulator: -10810 jenkins

could not enlist in transaction on entering meta-aware object wildfly

clamdscan lstat() failed: permission denied. error

could not initialize sdl - unable to open mouse

could not start process unable to create io slave klauncher said unknown protocol file

could not initialize sdl unable to open a console terminal

cannot talk to klauncher

ssh/ iphonebrowser

drupal the file could not be uploaded.

ctools css

drupal image upload not working

error msb3021 unable to copy file access denied

configure: error: could not find a working foundation implementation

esxi 5.5 could not load multiboot modules bad parameter

connection established waiting for welcome message could not connect to server

foreman proxy cannot be registered

cannot lock the volume 1959 ghost

could not load shockwave flash chrome 2016

could not open device at dev ipmi0 ubuntu

voicemail unavailable could not authorize access iphone

jfolder::create: could not create folder.path joomla 3

make_sock could not bind to address no listening sockets available shutting down

netflix could not load data

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