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Cleartool Error Unable To Post Clearquest Policy Notification

Buy the Full Version You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 255 to 342 are not shown in this preview. Attribute customizations (along with other features for customizing the product) are there to help you fit it to your team's needs.2013-11-18Backup the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle ManagementOnce you start using cleartool: Error: Unable to complete delivery, ClearQuest error.cleartool: Error : Unexpected error in deliver. Has any of you met the problem? weblink

After getting the list of components from the describe, paste the list into a text file and remove the spaces. Please try the request again. Activities Back to the TOP Create an activity. (mkactivity) Set an activity. (setactivity) Unset an activity or change the CC view associated with a CQ activity. (setactivity) Remove an activity. (rmactivity) Right-click on one of the component's baselines and choose to compare with previous/another baseline. https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=71837

An activity records everything that happens in that development view while that activity is set. If you attempt to recommend a baseline whose promotion level is below the project's minimum, CC will yell at you. The cleartool describe can be used though: # ct describe -fmt "%[activity]p" element Table of Contents Create a baseline. Components Back to the TOP Create a VOB-level or sub-VOB component. (mkcomp) Remove a component. (rmcomp) List components. (lscomp) Make a UCM component from an existing CC VOB.

A) In UCM it's possible for two developers to share a single stream. It is intended to help you navigate to pertinent documentation on jazz.net, the Infocenter, and other resources that are essential for successfully deploying a new CLM 2012 solution or upgrading to If it does, the label type will have the same name as baseline. Next, add the option BaseCMActivity package.

This trial version is intended for internal evaluation, testing or demonstration purposes.2014-01-20Workaround: Possible malware detection for a file packaged in RTC SDK TestsThis workaround describes an issue with possible malware detection During deliver the user is simply supplied with two choices; deliver to the default target or designate an alternate target stream. Resolved, Closed, Duplicate As of CC 4.2 and CQ 2001, a new UCM package called AMStateTypes that replaces UnifiedChangeMangement. cleartool: Error: Unable to post ClearQuest policy notification.

From the CLI: # ct mkact activity-name The activity-name is not mandatory, but it's recommended that you give the activity a nice mnemonic name, otherwise CC will choose a difficult name, The project's policies can be set from that same tab in CC or from CQ. If only one activity is specified during creation, it is automatically the one set in that view context. This trial version is intended for internal evaluation, testing or demonstration purposes.2013-06-07Limitations: Jazz Team Server problems in CLM 4.0.3The following known problems are related to Jazz Team Server in the CLM

cleartool: Error: Unable to complete delivery, ClearQuest error.cleartool: Error : Unexpected error in deliver. http://ejostrander.com/ucm_howto.html After I disable the policy, the delivery works. The project still has a minimum recommended promotion level in its Properties sheet whose purpose is to set a minimum level for recommending baselines. WORKAROUND To complete the stuck deliver operation, temporarily disable the policy, Transition To Complete After Delivery, complete the deliver, then enable the policy again.

Once the Activities are removed and the ClearQuest record type name changed back to BaseCMActivity, you can then attempt the delivery process again. have a peek at these guys This can also be accomplished from the CLI using: # ct chproject -crmenable To ensure a single activity is linked, use the undocumented squid_patch command that lives in cc-home\etc\utils: # squid_patch Create a component without a VOB (rootless). Topic Forum Directory >‎ Rational >‎ Forum: Rational ClearCase >‎ Topic: Error when do clearcase delivery.This topic has been locked. 5 replies Latest Post - ‏2005-02-07T11:53:14Z by SystemAdmin Display:ConversationsBy Date 1-6

Share a component between PVOBs. Finish an activity. It's urgent, thanks in advance! check over here Related Tags clearcase×17 c#×8 perl×7 rational×7 java×6 api×6 sql×5 ibm×5 cleartool×5 clearcase-ucm×4 hook×3 python×2 .net×2 oracle×2 web-services×2 rest×2 email×2 batch-file×2 svn×2 sharepoint×2 vbscript×2 version-control×2 export×2 integration×2 birt×2 more related tags Hot

I typed my project from Visual Studio 2010. UCM delivers in a CCMS/CQMS environment are handled differently depending on whether the local replica masters the integration stream or not. Create a project that has hundreds of components.

After you change the theme, the color scheme for the Rational Team Concernt views also changes.

From the Project Explorer, not possible. Does "Excuse him." make sense? Unless you have and want to custom the post-delivery action in CQ (say, change state?), you wouldn't want to select this policy in your CC project Wai The information contained in Symptom The full error message is as follows:
IDispatch error #18028
An error was detected retrieving information from the ClearQuest database.
There is a reference to an

The project process is defined in a project area and can be further customized in a team area. It attempts to transition the associated records to the Complete state type. That way, when a user joins another project to work on it, there isn't a long list of activities that were related to the creation of the previous release. this content If several RTC servers are deployed on separate sites with team independently working on projects, some teams might need to use source code from another site and be able to reintegrate

Table of Contents Determine an activity's change set. Baselines are limited to one component. See "Enabling ClearQuest for Unified Change Management" in the AdministeringClearQuest.pdf file that comes bundled with CQ. Baselines can have one of the following predefined levels (in order of precedent): INITIAL, REJECTED, BUILT, TESTED, or RELEASED.

Before 3.0, teams could work with different repositories in isolation or by applying patches. Select an activity and click on its Properties. Right-click on the component to be browsed and select Browse Baselines. Find the activities delivered as part of a deliver opertation.

Table of Contents List all activities associated with an element. Not all record types in a given schema need to be UCM enabled, but a record type must be UCM enabled to associate a project with it.